Lijiang Zen Garden Hotel - Wuyi Yard - Lijiang, Yunnan, 674100, China
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Lijiang Zen Garden Hotel - Wuyi Yard

The Zengardenhotel Wuyi Yard is very well situated in the center of the Old Town of Lijiang, next to the Si Fang square and the stone bridge. It is in the very heart of the old city. Right outside the front door of the hotel is a small park with seats that overlooks the stream . where young girls dio photoshoots all day with their photographers. They all dressed up in traditional customes and look beautiful. You can enjoy seeing all the activities and take lots of pictures too.

From the moment you step into the yard, you feel the tranquility, peacefulness and serenity that we have created, from the decor to the landscaping. The hotel is carefully originally designed as traditional timber construction with natural stone walls and pavements. All the rooms have a little balcony with seats which are orientated to the open green yard where you can enjoy the sunshine.

Entering the gate into the peaceful and relaxing teahouse of Zen Garden Hotel Lion Yard you are surrounded by lovely orchids, bonsai trees, Koi-fish-pond and cozy sunshine places.

Zen Garden - Wuyi Yard